Monday, January 13, 2014

Paradizoo: Power of Three-Festival Bloom of Agriculture

Mendez in Cavite may not be your usual go-to destination for families in need of some good R and R. That's why it came as a surprise that a small signage, which read, "This way to Paradizoo" would lead to this charming, quiet and eclectic paradise comprised of a vast garden foliage, amazing flora and faunas, some farm animals, butterfly area, bee kingdom, pet cemetery and a mini zoo. From Miniature horses to a thoroughbred one, one hump camels, albino water buffalos or carabao, local goat, wild boar, to different plants, kitchen and medicinal herbs and scented colorful flowers--you'll be seeing all these and more at this hidden paradise called Paradizoo.

In celebration of the year of the International Family Farming, Paradizoo presents the "Power of Three"--a Floral, Vegetable and Agri-Livestock Fair. Starting January 18 up to January 25, Flower Festival will be held covering topics on basic knowledge on caring for a bonsai plant, biotechnology products, health, fitness and wellness, vermi composting technology, pineapple jam making and aquavermiponics-the latest innovative in gardening. As you immerse yourself through all the said workshops, your kids can pick a spot on the lush garden, and get comfy in a hammock (there are for rents, but you can always bring your own). And for that special bonding moment, bring some picnic foods you can share with the rest of the family. 

From February 1 up to February 8, the Vegetable Festival teaches one how to propagate and maintain bamboo, topics on Urban Agriculture technology will also be discussed as well as the Vetiver Grass System. You and your kids will be taught how to milk a goat (and it is indeed a nice experience!) your kids can ride a horse, witness a chicken lay an egg, plant a coffee, basil leaves, a lettuce or a flower--there are also available on sale which you can bring home with you. 

For the Livestock Festival, topics will be from Farm selection to breeding goats and sheep in the country. Food safety will also be lectured on February 22. And on March 2, there will be a culminating activity which will feature an amazing horse parade. After enjoying the outdoors, your family can have a feast of Paradizoo's sumptuous local dishes with organic fresh produce straight from their vegetation. Try their version of lemongrass (tanglad) iced tea. My nephew Kyle simply can't get enough of it! 

Paradizoo is an ideal venue for picnics, educational field trips, outdoor and group outing programs. It is a fascinating paradise for the whole family. 

Get these wonderful experience and more, visit for more information. Call them at 899-9828 or 08. 899-9595 local 347. 


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