Monday, March 28, 2011

Museo Pambata: Where Learning Begins and Fun never Ends!

Kyle happily sitting in a mini grandfather's rocking chair

Museo pambata is the Philippines’ premier children’s “hands-on” museum. Opened in 1994 and situated in a historical building in Manila, Museo Pambata offers learning experiences in an atmosphere of interactivity and entertainment. Museo Pambata’s philosophy is anchored on the belief that learning takes place more readily in an environment of fun, challenges and discovery. The museum’s sensory and tactile tools help children hypothesize, manipulate and experiment, test their ideas and stretch their imagination. 

A young boy reads a story for the Haraya Storytelling hour held at the museum.
Museo Pambata features “hand-on” exhibits to explore and discover various concepts while children play.
Theme Rooms: Kalikasan/Environment
Go nature-tripping in a simulated rainforest and seabed and be inspired to take positive action to preserve Mother Nature.
Maynila Noon/Old Manila
Take a whimsical journey back in time to the turn-of-the-century Manila! Put on clothes what your grandparents wore during that era, ride in tranvia, board a Spanish galleon, or step into a miniature cathedral and bahay na bato.

If you're lucky like we were, Anino Shadow plays 

kyle in a fireman's outfit within the play firestation.

The old helicopter converted into a "palipalaruan" playground for kids to enjoy.

Playing with some kids at the theme room.

Kyle was able to go behind the shadow play.

Donning a grandfather's clothes in the old era.

Mommy and I inside the mini bahay na bato.
Paglaki Ko/career Options
What do you want to be when you grow up? Discover possibilities and visualize yourself in a career of your own choice. Pretend to shop in a row of play stores and practice your entrepreneurial skills.
ANINO sa Museo
Light and shadows come to life as Anino sa Museo performs shadowplays of your favorite children’s stories, songs and rhymes.
General Admission is P100. Opens from Tuesday to Sunday from 8AM-5PM. Call 5231797/98 or visit
 I'd strongly recommend all parents to bring your kids at the museum. They'd surely enjoy and learn at the same time. It promises to be a great bonding time.