Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Kampo Berde: Tagaytay-Alfonso Cavite's Latest Find

Wooden log villa in the midst of greeneries at Kampo Berde. 

The city of Tagaytay is known for a number of beautiful gardens--some are known; many are still hidden. Those that are still hidden get to the consciousness of the public through word of mouth. Take for example the lovely garden of Kampo Berde. Located in Baranggay Sicat, Alfonso, Cavite (yes, it is situated between Tagaytay and Alfonso Cavite), it is deprived of any indication that somewhere along this long and winding road is a paradise waiting to be discovered. This paradise is actually an events place, so, according to its owner Mrs. Cristina "Mama Solita" Villas, "you get to celebrate life in Kampo Berde".

Once you enter, trellises will greet you complete with a calming fountain to welcome your senses. The gurgling of the water mixes well with the cool breeze in the place. You look around and your emotion will be happily drown in admiration as this lush garden, is all yours to savor and enjoy. The leaves and flowers of the plants sway with the rhythm of the breeze.

In this lovely garden, bees and butterflies are common acquaintances and birds provide the natural ambient sound. These and more are included in the many memorable experiences of the people who have been to this events place. Celebrations held at Kampo Berde include weddings and wedding anniversaries, birthday parties, even baptismals and receptions. You could also coordinate with the owner if you'd like to bring in more caterers.

The garden is home to a lot of plant species. Walking around the garden gives one a paradisiacal feel. Your senses will revel at the sight of blooms pink and white angels, love and devotion, star clusters, poinsettias, tibus China, yellow bells etc.
The Nipa hut villas had double decks and private toilet and bath.
The events place of Kampo Berde is divided into three patios. There is the pathway garden that simply evokes grace and romance. The second part is more laid-back and had nipa nuts on them with a wide green space with a few trees and plants as the accent of the garden while the last one is an almost uphill terrain where the villas are located.  It resonates bliss amidst panoramic garden.
Moi at Kampo Berde's sprawling garden.
Well-manicured are the gardens in these patios. But upon closer scrutiny, you will delightfully find out that nature surely knows how to take its own course as there are some unruly branches and saplings that sprout here and there. Guests at Kampo Berde can also opt to rent the nipa huts perched on a garden.
Sanoy family happily smiling after an overnight stay at Kampo Berde.
When we went there, it felt like fiesta because there were colorful trimmings all around the place, making  you feel all the more welcome to come and commune with nature in this small paradise.

"We wanted to share our garden to the public. When my husband Danny acquired this place, it was his idea to turn it into a garden. We planted most of the things you see here. Even if the family lives in Makati, as much as possible we make it a point to visit Kampo Berde often to invigorate our senses," says Mrs. Villas.

"Seeing how Tagaytay has become quite popular for destination weddings, we started working our plans to eventually open this garden to the public. Aside from the fact that Tagaytay has a perfect weather for growing plants and flowers to bloom beautifully, we also thought that it would be nice to have a place designed by nature itself," recalled Mrs. Villas.
L-R: Michelle Villas (owner), the author, Cristy Villas (owner), Cecile, Jicelle and Jamie Sanoy.

Kyle on a hammock between the trees.
Just as my nephew Kyle did, he rested on a hammock and take an hour's nap to dreamland. This is the best time to put away all your worries and simply enjoy the scenic view and cool Tagaytay breeze.
My Aunt Cecile gamely posed infront of Machete.

The group's jump shot in the garden.
At Kampo Berde, guests are in for a treat in this paradise that has no fancy architecture--just plants and flowers to decorate the place and give people that elegant romantic feel. The best part? It's near one of the best wedding venues in this side of town, it's just a few minutes drive from my dream wedding venue--Caleruega Church in Batulao, Nasugbu, Batangas and Sandari as well as other Tagaytay churches. So, where else can you find the best reception venue? Only here in Kampo Berde folks!
Jicelle and the author by Kampo Berde's grand entrance gate with trellises.

For more details and information regarding Kampo Berde, please get in touch with Mrs. Cristy Villas at 0917-8193899 or call +632 994-0681 (Makati). Purple Plum Fairy thanks the entire Villas family for inviting and accomodating us.