Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Casa Ibiza Resorts and Events Place: Perfect for Family Getaway and Private Parties

Guests will experience la dolce far viente (the sweet art of idleness) at Casa Ibiza, a scenic resort filled with a quiet charm. Regal arches, stone details, vibrant hues, provide the perfect backdrop for relaxation and romance. One can imbibe the Spanish/Mexican feel of the environment.

Inspired by Ibiza—an island paradise in the most western part of Balearic Islands, Mediterranean off the eastern coast of Spain known for its picturesque and idyllic setting. The name itself gives an image of turquoise waters, warm breeze, dancing lights, and urban dwellers seeking a haven from the demands of living in a bustling city. 

True to its name, Casa Ibiza was such a breathtaking sight to behold. My family and I just had some ‘bonding’ a few weeks ago and since I was not the one who had planned this trip, I was surprised that we need not have to go out of the Metro since relaxation is just a stone throw away. Conceptualized to provide an accessible getaway for city dwellers that would like to enjoy some R and R, hibernate, enjoy one’s privacy away or simply bond with family and friends. And here’s the best part? One does not need to go out of town to enjoy all these. Located in the heart of Antipolo City, Casa Ibiza has the facilities that cater to all kinds of occasion. Be it a wedding reception, debuts, birthdays, reunions, seminars, corporate team building to simple family outings—Casa Ibiza has a selection of venues to suit every need. 

Upon entering the main gate, one wouldn’t even think you’re on your way to a resort and events place because it looks like one enters an exclusive village gate. True enough, it felt like a village inside with guests billeted into a home-like atmosphere, not a typical hotel. Yes, it had the privacy and comfort of one’s home. Each Mexican-inspired villas had a parking garage of its own, it has a living room, dining room, 3 bedrooms, sitting area, working area, balcony and plasma TV.Villas come in two sizes: grand and deluxe. Both are spacious enough and are fully furnished. 

Free Wifi is also available at the pool area (although I’m quite disappointed of their really slow wifi connectivity + the hassle of having to memorize their very long password—one sentence!)

They have Cabanas for those who prefer lounging by the pool. One can have a beach-like dining experience here. There are two pools; one for the kids at 2ft. and the other had 4 and 5 ft. The pool Bar offers a selection of drinks along with Filipino Mexican foods. During the night, one can have a glimpse of typical Ibiza party with the bright lights, booze and endless chats with friends. 

The Oasis is a function room that holds indoor meetings or closed door seminars. Here, one can have a view of the lush premises outside through the glass panels while having that privacy.

The lush foliage called Grass garden is a great venue to host outdoor events. You can run, jump, play, or simply shout to your heart’s delight. There’s also a man-made falls called Cascada. The sight and sound of the nature is enough to calm your senses. One dreams of a perfect wedding when one sees the Gazebo. It could be a venue to exchange “I Do’s”, for entertainment or any picture-perfect moment. 

For team building, the Desierta has obstacle course for both fitness and camaraderie. Compete, play and have fun at the boot camp for an unforgettable stay at Casa Ibiza. 

Kids will also be happy to know that there’s a place for them too at Casa Ibiza. The Children’s Playground provides plastic Faber-designed play for little ones.

Casa Ibiza is located at Sapang Buho Road, Baranggay Dalig II, Antipolo City, Rizal. For more info, email: or log on to
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