Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Revisiting Residence Inn in Tagaytay

If you've noticed, the Philippines had been experiencing cold weather lately due to polar vortex in other parts of the globe. If you're like most Filipinos who's a sucker for cold climate, you'd surely be rejoicing by this time since seldom do we experience such kind of climate since the country is a tropical one. Most of us would either go to Baguio City, but for the ones who do not like to travel that far, Tagaytay is the best option. After all, Tagaytay is just a few hours away from Manila. Known for its scenic sights and fresh produce, Tagaytay is also home to Residence Inn. 

I've been to Residence Inn a couple of times. The first time was when we had our field trip in my junior year in high school. I remember how much we had fun. Then, it also became a witness to one love story--my ex boyfriend and I once dated at the Residence Inn. So to be honest, there have been a whole lot of memories brought back to me when I revisited Residence Inn again after a long time. I wasn't surprised to see a lot of changes and improvements throughout the place. 

Exotic animals, birds, and serpents will be meeting you at Residence Inn. You can have your pictures taken with a friendly cockatoo, an awesome white owl like Harry Potter's Hedwig, an iguana or if you're brave enough, even with a serpent should you wish. There's no need to fear though as all these animals are trained by Residence Inn animal trainers to interact and welcome Residence Inn's guests and visitors. 

Kids will also be amazed with different animals' tricks during the special show where equally talented Residence Inn staff showcase their singing,dancing and even acting abilities. At the end of every show, guests can also interact with the different animals featured during the said show. 

For the more adventurous ones who like to fuel up their hunger for something extreme, they can try the zipline and cable car at Residence Inn. A breathtaking and scenic view filled with verdant field on a hill and the beauty of Taal Volcano and Taal Lake awaits you when you take the zipline. While you're up there, don't forget to smile on your right side, someone's taking your photo--say "Cheese!" You may claim your picture later for a minimal fee and take home a printed copy as a keepsake or a little souvenir of your Residence Inn zipline adventure. 


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