Thursday, November 7, 2013

Exploring Zoobic Safari at Night: One Unforgettable Night Safari Experience

When one mentions the word 'travel', the first thing that comes to mind is 'excitement'. It was an invitation hard for anyone to refuse. To do so would mean being killed joy--sometimes it is a healthy thing to indulge in life's simple pleasures--that of traveling and giving in to your adrenaline rush. Besides I had never set foot on Zoobic Safari. It was my first time to visit. Although I had always heard of Zoobic Safari from friends where they had memorable and  fun experiences, I never had the time to actually go, until this invite came along. I decided to grab the opportunity, after all, we just had a long weekend vacation from work. So I jumped at the chance to experience Zoobic Safari, only this time, it is a tour of the Zoobic Safari at night time. Somewhat similar to Singapore's Night Safari. This night trip makes it more exciting. 

Zoobic Safari is a very family-friendly destination to visit. Children will surely enjoy seeing all kinds of animals in facilities that a very well maintained and somehow close to each animals' natural habitat. It's fun to see the animals up close and personal from the ones you only get to see on books. 

I did not expect that food at Zoobic Safari's Buhi Grill would be so good. It made a good first impression on them. We had a choice of Chicken Inasal/Barbecue with steamed rice or Liempo/Grilled Pork Strips with rice for dinner. These meals were served with a hot soup. Our meals were served by a cute looking guy named Argee (more on him later). I loved the fact that Zoobic Safari's Buhi Grill has free wifi access to guests. It meant I could easily upload photos on Instagram, Twitter and update my friends on Facebook about my experiences and stuff. 

After dinner, we were whisked to ride a train that would bring us to Serpentarium to see different kinds of snakes, followed by a walking trip to the Forbidden Forest. Since it was dark, I had to admit, it was a bit creepy to enter the cave. But our tour guide had assured me that I'll be safe and fine. Inside the cave, we saw animals endemic to the country which Zoobic Safari tries to give a hand to save them from becoming extinct. 

Wear comfortable footwear when you come and visit Zoobic Safari. And be ready to take the treks and trails as well. The walking nigh safari tour takes about an hour, with witty and well-informed guides spouting off facts that will keep your mind off the enveloping darkness.

You don't have to spend a lot to make the trip memorable. Just remember: what's important is that you are together as family/ friends, enjoying the night chilling out on a zoo tour. Not only do you get to reminisce your field trips back when you were in school, but you can also have a good time enjoying while learning new things as you go along the Zoobic Night Safari Tour.

Everything is interactive and enjoyable so it is something that anybody at any age can appreciate. Do not forget to catch the Night Safari Show as well. I was surprised to enjoy the said show. 

This trip has to be one of the best Zoo I've ever been to. There is so much to Zoobic Safari has to offer and despite all wonderful activities we did, there is still so much more to do and see here. There is no doubt in my mind that I'm heading straight to Zoobic Safari again when I visit Zambales again. 

Interested to come and visit? Try the Zoobic Night Safari and experience it for yourself? Visit Zoomanity's website, like and follow them on Instagram and Facebook @zoomanitygroup.