Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sweet Sojourn in Coron

Sleeping on a hammock will probably do you good.
Pack your bags, hit the beach, get a tan, go home. You know it perfectly, the routine when you visit a beach. But it truly gets boring before so long, it becomes just another vacation you spend on the same beach. Aren’t vacations are supposed to be fun, right? It’s supposed to be the time you spend doing things you don’t normally do like wearing that snazzy bikini swimsuit or board shorts instead of the corporate attire or school uniforms you’re used to. And you’re supposed to be having fun than sitting in that lonely cubicle or chair of yours.
THAT is vacation.

The long journey to Busuanga

Am I in New Zealand? Oh, no! It's just Coron.

When I say it's an open jeep, it really meant everything's open.
So be ready with nature's own way of giving you a makeup foundation.

The jeepney ride starts from the Busuanga Airport

So forget about going to usual beaches this time because there’s one beach you definitely have to check out—well before it gets too popular and boring. Coron, Palawan may not exactly ring a bell yet for those who have not even heard of the wonders of Coron. Its beaches have clear blue waters, pristine white sand and it’s like having the island to yourself. But going to the island has its price of course. It lacks the amenities you expect from five star resorts like air-conditioned rooms and elevators. Getting there is pain.

Busuanga's airport was loaded with posters of resorts.

When I said that the aircraft was small, I meant around 25-seater with no seatmate.

Traveling to Coron is already an adventure itself. You ride a small plane to Busuanga where you’re most likely to get dizzy from air packets the minute you step off the aircraft. You’ll have to ride an open jeepney from the airport to a port, there’s a boat-ride waiting for you. The waves can be choppy and they aren’t for the faint of heart or the unprepared.

A refreshing ride on a kayak with friends is indeed a fun way to unwind.

Snorkel to your heart's content. Gears are provided by resorts for a minimal fee.
When you get to Coron, you get to pick which island you will settle in. There aren’t a lot of people on the island except of its locals. But keep in mind that some islands are privately owned so you have to check out first before you make camp, ask the boatman about it. Although there are cell sites there are also dead spots on the island. As for Wi-Fi, you can forget about bringing your gadgets save for your camera and music player; after all, you’re here to unwind and relax. And don’t forget to tell the boatman where he’s picking you up. Unless being left here is what you’re aiming for. What’s next after you get settled?

Marine life at its best.

To be sure, settle at an island near Kayangan Lake. You could also ask your boatman to bring you to Twin Lagoons where you could kayak and snorkel (most resorts provide gears) and see the old-century Japanese wreck. Check out other islands nearby like Calauit islands, known for its animal paradise. It’ll make you feel like you’re in Africa or in the reality-show Survivor. While you’re there, explore the island by dropping by the Maquinit Hot spring, Banol Beach, Siete Picados and if you’re more adventurous; try hiking the 700+ steps of Mount Tapyas.

Enjoy the beach because it has the most pristine waters you will ever find. Yes, it’s a whole lot better than Boracay. The white sand is fantastic too. Go there on a sunny day and you’ll surely be trigger happy with your camera because the mixture of the blue skies and waters, golden white sand and the green hills as well as limestone cliffs means everything’s picture perfect. At night, it’s only you, the sea and the stars. If you haven’t experienced stargazing on a clear sky, now’s your chance.

So if you want to hit the beach minus the crowd and the insane accommodation fees, then going to Coron will be your best bet for a getaway.


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